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I am a creative business development consultant

With a passion for helping managers and organisations get their message out clearly, engaging and to the point.

I apply my unique competencies of creativity, insight and experience throughout every project.

I offer a wide range of services. The list below is not exhaustive, but it provides an overview of my main services.

  • Strategy

    I assist managers and organisations in developing and presenting strategies and targets in a easy understandable way. I translate your ambitions and visions into strategy plans, where the complex is made clear and to the point. I develop, in close cooperation with the client, the whole process from brainstorming, ensuring a coherent process/progress, to delivering a executable implementation plan.

  • Presentation Materials

    I am an expert in making your presentations excellent. I listen to your story and extract the key messages, making it to the point. I always ensure that the storyline fit its speaker and the audience. I specialise in making presentations visual engagning and use illustrations and supporting posters to emphasize your points and make your presentation stand out.

  • Illustrations / models

    I translate business processes, situations or strategies etc. into creative models. They can be made in illustrator or as hand drawings. Using illustrations in your presentation material or as large posters, can be very effective as a supportive tool for providing an overview of the e.g. changes in your organisation, company strategy or new business model.

  • Process improvements

    Process improvements




Selected work examples


Clients I’ve worked with:


Louise Kampmann

Louise Kampmann

My name is Louise Kampmann, I’m a creative business development consultant from Copen­hagen. I specialise in strategy management, process optimisation and visual communication.

I started Kampmann Consulting in 2014 and have been working primarily in R&D areas where I support management in strategy development and communication.

I operationalise goals and develop effective methods, processes or models to help organisations and people achieve their ambitions. All my creative works are driven by my passion and my goal of simplifying processes/developments into engaging and easy understandable materials.



  • Adobe Indesign
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Drawing skills
  • Technical understanding
  • Strategy management
  • Process understanding