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I support managers and organisations within the field of business development. I help to identify, facilitate and convey the essence of your complex ideas and messages in a way that creates engagement in your organisation.

I can help you if you need:

Let me be your business partner and together we will create the results you need.






With a passion for helping managers and organisations in all aspects of business development, I apply my unique competencies of creativity, insight and experience throughout every project.

I offer a wide range of services. The list below is not exhaustive, but it provides an overview of my main services.

  • Strategy

    I support managers and organisations in developing and presenting strategies and targets in a easy understandable way. I translate your ambitions and visions into visual strategy plans, where the complex is made clear and to the point. I develop, in close cooperation with you, the whole process from brainstorming, ensuring a coherent process/progress, to delivering a executable implementation plan.

    I specialize in being a managers sparring partner, a loyal and confidential support, that will help you and your organisation plan and communicate your strategy and get all on board.

  • Presentation Materials

    I am an expert in making your presentations excellent. I listen to your story and extract the key messages. I always ensure that the storyline fit its speaker and the audience. I specialize in making presentations visual engagning and use illustrations and supporting posters to emphasize your points and make your presentation stand out. I'm also an expert in transforming the well-known "100" pages long PowerPoint to a more "pedagogic" version, where I select the core content and bring the technical or strategic information to a level that is easily digestible and understandable for all managers and employees.

  • Illustrations / models

    I translate business processes and strategies etc. into creative models, illustrations and infographics. Using illustrations in your presentation material or as large posters, can be a very effective tool, giving the audience an easy overview of the e.g. changes in your organisation, new company strategy or business data.
    The process of translating your story to illustrations are in safe hands with me, as I am quick to understand your situation and see where you want to go, and with my technical background it makes me ideal for designing both complex strategies and technical issues. With me you get a creative and alluring spin on your presentations.

  • Process improvements

    I have extensive experience working with process improvements. I specialize in mapping current and future state processes, facilitating workshops and coaching managers in working with continuous process improvements. I draw from my project management and Lean trainer background and years of experience working with process improvements, but it is my focus on the involved employees that will ensure you a great result. People are the way to success, which is why all my work is 100% customized to your employees and situation. My agile methods and work approach will help get you where you want to be.


Working with me is simple and effective. I’m quick to acquaint myself with any business situation and identifying the core task at hand, making me very effective in delivering your required task. My approach is pragmatic, visual and action-oriented.
My clients are often medium or large-sized engineering companies, who needs support for specifics tasks or for longer periods of time.

Due to the nature of most of my work, my materials are kept confidential, but below is a selection of some of my graphic work.

(More will be added shortly…)

Selected work examples


Clients I’ve worked with:


Louise Kampmann

Louise Kampmann

My name is Louise Kampmann, I’m a creative business development consultant from Copen­hagen. I specialise in strategy management, process improvements, presentation materials and visual communication.

I started Kampmann Consulting in 2014 and have been working primarily in R&D areas where I support management in strategy development and communication.

My background is as a Cand.polyt. (MSc), Global Operations and Innovation Management (previously known as “International Technology Management”) from 2008.



  • Adobe Indesign
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Drawing skills
  • Technical understanding
  • Strategy management
  • Process understanding